Meet Our Team


Financial / Insurance Coordinator

I love working with people, and getting to help our patients with financial and insurance matters allows me to do just that. Since joining the office in 1993, I’ve developed long-term relationships with our patients and their families, and they’ve become my friends. I look forward to their visits as a time to catch up on what’s been happening in their lives, and hearing about their latest interests or travel plans. At our office, I handle all our financial matters. I work with patients to create contracts and find payment arrangements that are right for their budget. I also verify insurance and ensure that our patients get the most from their benefits, as well as file claims and follow up on payments.

Away from work, you’ll often find me traveling around Texas. I love discovering little, out-of-the-way places that not many people know about. I’m married, with two grown children and four grandchildren.


Orthodontic Assistant

Seeing the transformation that happens with each patient in their improvement of their oral health smile, in addition to their confidence and self-esteem, is amazing. I love being a part of those changes, and knowing that a patient is going to have a healthier, happier life as a result of the care we have provided, is incredibly rewarding. For the past five years, I’ve worked closely with Dr. Muirhead, making sure that everything is at hand, and tending to each patient’s needs. I talk with the patient while the doctor is caring for them, explaining what is happening and what will come next, while seeing to it that they are comfortable and relaxed. I love seeing a patient smile at the end of an appointment, because everything went well and they had a good experience.

My personal life is focused on my daughter, who was born in April, 2013. She is light of my life and of my husband’s, too. I love to play the piano and gave lessons before our daughter was born.


Treatment Coordinator

Orthodontics is truly a life-changing experience, and I love watching the transformation of our patients’ self-esteem and smile during the process. Each patient is important to us, and I love getting to know them as individuals, learning about their lives and hobbies, and hearing about their successes in school or in sports. I am excited to meet new patients because I know that their life is going to be better as a result of the care we provide. It’s great to know that I’ll have a chance to develop a relationship with them and their family, too. For over 20 years, my work has focused on making each visit as convenient and positive as possible. I’m available to answer questions and help a patient understand the treatment plan and available treatment options to create their new smile.

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. I’ve lived in the Houston area since the 1970s, am married, and have two children.


Assistant and Lab Technician

Since joining the practice in 1998, I’ve loved talking with patients and their parents about their lives and watching our young patients grow up. Seeing a patient start to open up and come out of their shell as they begin to feel more confident in their appearance is remarkable to witness. I do my best to make sure every patient has a good visit, every time, and that an appointment here doesn’t feel like a dreaded doctor’s visit. I assist Dr. Muirhead in caring for our patients, and I work in our on-site lab to make retainers and some appliances. I sterilize instruments and equipment, clean our office, and am on-call for after-hours emergencies, as well.

I like to keep busy, whether I’m at work or at home. Some of my hobbies include scrapbooking, crafts, playing softball, and watching sports. I am married, with two daughters and a son, and our family has two dogs, a Lab named Pebbles and a Rhodesian Ridgeback-mix named Scooby. My kids keep me moving with their sports, dance, and Girl Scout activities.

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